SoloAdSense – send your solo ads to 53 sites

SoloAdSense – send your solo ads to 53 sites

Reach 171625 Members Today!

Unique Visits
Every visit to your Ad is a Unique 24 Hours visit. It means that the same person will be counted only once per 24 Hours even if they visit your ad several times.

Full Stats
We track every single visit. You will be able to check the visits that You get every day, the area location and the IP (partial) of the visitor

Solo Autosend
If You are busy Marketer who want to save time promoting You can get the ability to send the same Monster Solo up to 4 times in a row automatically, every second day.

Moster Bottom Ads
Another additional powerful feature of SoloAdSense is the Monster Bottom Ad addon. Write a short text, chose colors and set your URL. The Monster Bottom Ad will run on every Solo in the system until a new one is purchased.

Geo Frame
This special feature let You add a special link on the top frame of your ad inviting people of the specific area that You decide to visit a different site that the one promoted onto the main frame. (coming soon)

Signup Tracking
If You are promoting your own ventures You may want to add a small piece of code on your signup/verification/thank-You page that will tell You how many signup You are getting from your promotion through SoloAdSense.

Testing is Important. Use different subjects and check which subject works better specifically for your own ads.

SoloAdSense is an online solo ad service where members can buy Monster Solos that will reach a large audience of several different advertising sites.

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