ParagonMailer – spend your credits to email others

ParagonMailer – spend your credits to email others

FREE Email Advertising. As soon as you create a free account you will be able to email members. Spend your credits to email others, read others emails to build up more credits or purchase credits at very competitive rates. All emails are double opt-in.

Credits based means that each email has a special link which has to be clicked to earn credits. This means members will have to click this link, which takes them to your advertised page to earn credits at Paragon Mailer.

Our site and list grows exponentially by joint effort from us and our members! Your potential target grows every single day and virally! Every email account is double-opt in and complies with ICANN anti-spam regulations.

Know how many actually opened your email and visited your link. We provide you with a built Click-Through Tracking history, including emails sent. Our aim is to provide you with a healthy click through rate, we alway work on improving our service to assure you higher results.

We have a strict quality control routine in place, bounced emails, inactive accounts and more are regularly monitored resulting in quality and high response. Our sophisticated anti-cheat system further assures a throughout quality system. Your time is valuable to us, we want your time spend with us to be effective and not wasted.

Free Paragon Mailer is FREE to use, signup only takes a minute!

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