Listjumper – responsive advertising

Listjumper - responsive advertising

Listjumper – responsive advertising

The unique idea behind List Jumper is that there is potential for anyone to have a huge list to mail. No matter when you or your referrals join List Jumper, you are able to continuously improve your ranking in the line simply by actively earning credits on a regular basis. So active members who joined List Jumper last can quickly find themselves at the top of a huge list that they can mail their offer! Do you want that to be you? Then make sure you have an active e-mail address that will receive e-mail from our site and other members so you can click the credit links inside and keep increasing your position in the line.

The Original “Jump” Platform Our original concept is the sexy element that continues to make us unique. In fact, there are services created to copy the “Jump” concept but nobody has been able to compare.

Responsive Advertising Your valuable time and energy should not go to waste. Using a responsive advertising service is key to getting results – would you want anything less?

Bonus Rewards Completing consistent actions has its benefits. In fact, with a simple daily action you’re able to earn bonus rewards for your consistent activity.

Brand Awareness In marketing & advertising you always want to be sure your brand is recognizable. You are a brand so let it shine! Put your name and face in front of people to build loyalty and trust.

Referrals and Commissions Do you like earning commissions? You’ll have the opportunity to earn up to 40% of any membership sale when someone upgrades to a more powerful account. And, it’s as simple as sending people to ListJumper using your unique referral URL.

Results Matter Getting a return on your investment (time and/or money) is key. You won’t need to spend hours every day collecting credits. Instead, a short amount of time daily can reap outstanding rewards.

The original ‘jump’ platform allowing you to reach thousands of active members with simple, effective advertising.

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Listjumper - responsive advertising

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