Free Safelist Mailer – the most advanced safelist on the internet

Free Safelist Mailer – the most advanced safelist on the internet

Your Source For Quality High Volume Traffic

SafeLists are used by it’s members to advertise their websites, business opportunities and so forth to other members of the SafeList. If your website offer is an opportunity or service of interest to other SafeList members, they are very likely to sign up, join, or purchase your offer.

Why Should You Join Free SafeList Mailer?

• Totally Cheat-Proof – No Auto Bots Work On Our SafeList

• Credit Points For Reading Emails Increases As You Read More Each Day

• All Members Can Send Email To All Of The Other Members

• All Members Can Send HTML Email

• List Solo Ads For Paid Members Every Month

• Generous Commissions And Credits Given On Member Referrals

• Ability To Earn List Solo Ads For Signing Up New Members

• Easy to Use Built in HTML Editor to Compose Emails for ALL Members

• You Can Save Your Messages. Both Regular And Solo Ads

• Our Free SafeList Mailer Bounce Mail Solution – 100% Deliverability

• Free Banner Rotations – Put Your Banner On This High Traffic Website

[Get $10 Free Just for Becoming a Member of Free SafeList Mailer]
Upon successful signup you can add $10 to your commission account going to “Promo Code Redemption” and entering “10DollarsFree” and $10 will automatically be put into your account.

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